30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

I can’t believe I’m 30 years old. I feel like by now, I’m supposed to be a lot more grown up than I am. Oops! I hope no one mistakes me for an actual adult anytime soon.
As you read in my previous post, I’m still afraid of things like crescent roll cans and I still call my mom every. single. day. I have, however, gotten my motorcycle license, had 3 kids and moved 2300 miles away from home to start fresh in a new city. All things I never would have ever thought I could or would do. Most of my life, I’ve been extremely comfortable, afraid of pushing myself to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Thankfully, my now husband walked into my life and has been pushing me to try new things since day one. My only hope for my next 30 years is that I try even more things I’m afraid of. Number one being opening biscuit cans with my eyes open!

Today won’t be much different than other days, but I thought it would be nice to sit and reflect a little on some lessons I’ve learned over the past 30 years. I don’t think doing this at 20 years would’ve been very relevant because I feel like the most valuable lessons about life have been learned over the last 10 years. In no particular order..

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1. Life is precious. Every day as a gift. As crazy or stressful as things get, I want to always be trying to live my best life.

2. Treasure those who are loyal to you. 
Loyalty seems to be less and less common. I don’t know if it’s always been this way or not, but I feel so lucky to have loyal friends and family that I know are always there for me.

3. Fear is an illusion. Biscuit can fear is indeed real, but the fear I’ve usually had about things in life is just of the unknown. I’m a control freak, so I fear not knowing exactly what’s going to happen. I feared living in Las Vegas, thinking it was an awful place for families. I let my thoughts take control and almost decided it would be awful before even giving it a chance. I have feared a lot of things in my lifetime and convinced myself I’d fail before even trying. It’s all in my head.

4. Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to like your ideas, either. And that’s ok. Do you, boo boo.

5. A lot of people have no idea what they’re doing. We’re all in this life thing together and whether you’re a new mom or mom of 6 kids or started a new job or you’re a leader of something, none of us know exactly what we’re doing. When I found out my parents weren’t perfect and didn’t know everything, I made sure to let them know. Now that I’m 30, I’m so glad I didn’t know adults were faking it my whole childhood. How scary!

6. Friends come and go. And it’s okay to let friends go. Whether that season of your life is over or you just need that drama out of your life, accept that friends will leave and love the ones that love you, despite distance.

7. Stay humble. No matter how successful you become, stay humble and grounded. We may all seem different on the outside but we are all the same at the core.

8. Invest in yourself. Set time aside for YOU. Pamper and spoil yourself. We all know you can’t pour from an empty cup, so make time to do things that make you feel good. I don’t get my hair, nails and spa days in like I wish I could but a solo grocery store trip works wonders for my soul.

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9. Pay it Forward. We try to do this every day during the Christmas season, but random acts of kindness are appreciated all times of the year, not just the holiday season. If you think having your coffee randomly paid for felt good, try doing it for someone else. The best feeling.

10. Presence over presents. Gifts are cool and much appreciated, but the greatest gift you can give someone is your attention. I know I’m guilty of it too, but talking to someone who has their eyes glued to their phone is the worst feeling. Put your phone down and genuinely make conversations and connections with people.

11. Travel. I sooo wish I had done more of this before kids but I got all my kids here before I turned 30, so that leaves some adult time for my husband and I to take more trips later on.

12. Take care of your skin! Don’t use a tanning bed, ever. Moisturize your skin, even when you’re 12. SPF! SPF! SPF! SPF 80 at minimum. Wear hats to protect your skin. Embrace paleness. Here I am 30, about to book my first botox appointment because I loved to tan in my younger years. Now I’ve got like 3,000 lines to show for it.

13. Forgive. Self-explanatory. Don’t hold grudges. It truly does set you free.

14. Slow down. Life is often crazy and busy. I personally feel like some days are a blur. To be honest, breastfeeding is sometimes the only thing that makes me slow down most days and I’m so thankful for it. It forces me to step away. I go to a quiet room or to the car if we’re all out as a family and take time to really enjoy things. Read a good book. Take a walk. Write. Just take a moment to soak it all in.

15. Take risks. The biggest risk is not taking any. And! Growth happens at the end of your comfort zone. If there’s an opportunity for you, step out of your comfort zone and go for it. I have always felt better when I tried something and failed, instead of never knowing what could have happened.

16. Quality over quantity. True, lasting friendships are hard to come by. I’ve never felt like I needed a huge “squad” but I’ve always had my little niche of friends. I’ve realized that a few amazing friends is far more treasured than a group of aqquantances.

17. Success isn’t the same for everyone. Some people get scholarships and to college right away, some people learn a trade and become the best in their area, some people put the career they chose on hold to just focus on being a parent. They are all successful. I measure my success by my happiness. If you live your life by someone else’s standards and not your own, you are not successful, no matter how many dollar signs you see.

18. My parents were right. About every. single. thing.

19. My opinion is not always wanted or needed. This one is hard for me because I can be a “know-it-all” but silence really is wisdom. Listen.

20. Experiences over things. Clichè, but things don’t last, memories do. A recent decision for me since moving out of our old home is, instead of a big house with extra bedrooms, I want to take more trips. It was almost a relief to drop the square footage. I may be eating my words when we move into our new home and we’re in close quarters, but we will be able to go on trips whenever we want instead of budgeting for them.

21. Home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling. I feel just as “at home” here in an apartment in Las Vegas as I did back in our house in Virginia. As long as I have my little big family with me, “home” can be anywhere.

22. Parenting is hard. Worrying if we’re being stern enough or if we’re being too hard on them — constantly. Are we raising decent human beings? Do they feel how much love we have for them? I question myself as a parent daily.

23.Motherhood is lonely. Making new friends as a mom is hard and the more kids you have, the more difficult it becomes. Playdates sometimes even sound like more trouble than they’re worth. The newborn fog is real, the terrible two’s are real.. life with kids is busy and finding time to nurture friendships is HARD.

24. Cherish those who stuck by your side when you weren’t very lovable. Those are the ones to never let go of. My parents. My husband. My kids. My best friends. Thank you for loving me through it all.

25. Kids are magical. Living and seeing life through the eyes of your children is pure magic. Their innocence is so refreshing in this world. Holidays, Disney World, baking cookies.. everything is more fun with kids.

26. Be curious, not judgemental.
Ask questions and educate yourself but never judge a situation or person you know nothing about.

27. Life isn’t fair. Plain and simple. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Get up and fight on.

28. Don’t compare your life to others. This is so hard, especially in today’s world with social media, but it’s so unhealthy to worry about what everyone else is doing. And that person who you think has the perfect life, simply does not. Work on yourself and making your own life better. Comparing is time wasted.

29. Take too many pictures. You’ll never regret taking all of those pictures you took.

30. Life is what you make it. Everyone has bad days. It is totally up to you how you handle them. Instead of complaining and focusing on all that is wrong, focus on what you do have going for yourself. Try to see what you can learn from the bad situations to prevent them from happening again.

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Cheers to the next 30 years!


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