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6 Things To Do This Summer With Kids

Summer is meant for relaxing and down time, but then there’s kids. They get bored easily and to my surprise, get cabin fever just like adults. My kids and I get stir crazy and on each other’s nerves if we don’t stay busy. We’ve got a few go-to plans this summer and here they are..

Water Parks

Hot summer days require water. There are a few different splash pads we visit and they are always fun! Check around your area to see where there is one near you.

Story Times
We love story time. We go to libraries, Barnes & Noble and even Pottery Barn kids for story times. Most libraries offer free story times for different ages. They usually include music, singing and crafts as well.

HikingWe are lucky enough to have an awesome trail that weaves throughout our subdivision, so we like to explore it often. Most parks have some sort of trail or walking path to use, too. My three year old loves to pretend we are in the forest looking for Beast’s castle in Beauty & the Beast. 🙂

Children’s Museums
 We have a local Children’s museum in our area, with multiple locations. It’s really nice on a hot day to pop in from the mall and cool off. And of course, the kids love it!

At Home FunSome days, I really don’t feel like packing up the kids and their bags to head out, so we turn our house in our own little water park. We have our own splash pads, sprinklers, water slides, water table, little pools, etc. The kids love it just as much as leaving the house. Sometimes we take our lunch out to the deck or on a blanket outside and have a picnic. Simple fun for all of us!

Movie days/nights

Our local movie theater has $1 movie days on certain days of the week and offer a few different movie selections each week. Check with your local theaters to see if they offer discounted movie days. If you can’t get out during those times, having an at home movie night can be just as fun! We got a shower caddy from the dollar store and use it to hold candy, popcorn and a drink for my toddler. It’s just like she’s at the movies and she loves it.

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  • Violette

    Great post and tips! You are so cute!

    • Kristen

      Oh thank you so much, Violette!

  • I love hiking so mucH! Thanks for sharing!

    Daniel x

    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

    • Kristen

      Thank you, Daniel! Me too!

  • Kallie Flexman

    These are all great ideas!! We do most of these too and it’s really helpful to keep the days busy! I loved the shower caddy idea, I’m gonna have to do that!

    • Kristen

      Thank you, Kallie!

  • Love all your cute tips, water park is my fav! 🙂
    Nati xx

    • Kristen

      Thank you, Nati!

  • Your girl is so cute and I love how that bow looks on her!

    My Vogue Style |

    • Kristen

      Thank you so much, Camila!

  • Love these fun ideas! Summer can get long, so it is nice to have creative ideas.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Kristen

      Thank you, Amy!