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Chelsea28 Smocked Off the Shoulder Poplin Top

Well, it’s FRIDAY!! My sweet husband arranged for his sister to come over this evening and watch our girls while we go out for a date night. I can’t remember the last time we had a night to ourselves. Let’s be real, we’re going to go to dinner and then call it a night because we’re old and sleep wins. Ahh, but just dinner alone is going to be so weird! A good weird, though.

We are in the double digits waiting on our third baby and I’m getting more uncomfortable each day, so we better go out while we can. I have no idea what life with three kids will be like, but life with two can be crazy at times, so I can only imagine what’s in store for us. One word sticks to me from articles I’ve read about having three kids and comments from people when they see me pregnant and out with the girls: Outnumbered. “Uh oh, now you’re going to be outnumbered!” I’ve always heard that one kid is a life changer and two kids is a game changer. Well, what’s three kids?! I have been told that after three, it’s easy as pie to keep going. Despite that sound (sketchy) advice, I think we are done making little humans after this one. I say this every time.
There is a distinct difference between how people reacted to my pregnancies with my first two versus my third. The first pregnancy, everyone gave me their advice and reminded me how special a first baby is. How our lives were about to change forever. It turned out to be true and most of the advice I received was really helpful. Second pregnancy, people still offered advice. They reassured me that the small age gap between my kids was perfect and that they had their children just as close. If they hadn’t, they told me they wished they had. They all assured me I would love my second just as much as my first. Again, so true. Your heart really does grow with so much love each time. Third pregnancy. Haha, third pregnancy I feel like I’m not worried at all for once, but everyone else is worried for me. My favorite comment, which is the second most frequent thing I hear this time is, “You DO know how babies are made, right?” No. I don’t. Enlighten me.
Haha, it actually doesn’t bother me. I mean what else are they supposed to say? I don’t even know what to say sometimes. Life has happened so fast, sometimes I have to sit back and get caught up mentally. THREE KIDS?? If you had told me 5 years ago that this would be my life today.. that I’d have three kids, three and under.. I’d laugh in your face and call you a lying liar. If it wasn’t for how laid back my husband is, I could never do this. He makes life fun. He laughs when things are crazy and out of control. He doesn’t let much stress him out. I think it’s just me that has the ability to stress him out, Oops.
Jeez, don’t mind my diary entry I’ve just written. I never really get the chance to sit down and process these thoughts. Who knew blogging could be so therapeutic?
Anyway.. date night! We have no idea where we’re going for dinner, but I do know what I’m going to wear!

While I was shopping at Nordstrom for the anniversary sale, I went ahead and skimmed over the sale rack while I was in there. It’s where I found my Lush dress, so I had high hopes. I actually found a few really cute tops, but my favorite was this Chelsea28 top! These sleeves! I love that they’re separate unlike a lot of other off the shoulder tops. It’s way more comfortable this way.
I’m faithfully wearing my Sugarfix earrings again. I promise I’ll stop wearing them when summer is over.

 I think white jeans keep this look really light and girly, but I’m sure darker denim would look really cute, too. Okay, side note: We recently got a new washer and dryer (I did a post on a mini makeover of our laundry closet) and I used the “bright whites” setting on my white clothes the other day. Oh my gosh, these pants got so white. How?! I really didn’t expect to see a difference but they’re definitely brighter. When I first took them out under the dryer’s LED light in there, they almost looked tinted blue. What’s up with that? I’ll have to google what kind of magic is going on in there on that setting. Mind blown. Also, we discovered that the dryer door not only opens sideways, but can also be pulled down like an oven. You know you’re old when these things excite you. Laundry has never been so fun.

Okay, can I be really real with y’all? I love these shoes but I’m not trying to wear them out tonight. I actually fell through one of the cracks on our floating deck when my husband was taking these pictures. LOL! My heel went right through that white and red outdoor rug and got stuck. Oops again. My husband didn’t even laugh, he just rolled his eyes. I’m a hot mess. Conductor of the Hot Mess Express.
All aboard!


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  • How gorgeous is the top! Love the smocked fit and the tiered ruffles!

    Jessica |

    • Kristen Harrison

      Thank you! I think it’s my favorite top now!