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My Cloth Diaper Routine

I’ve already shared why I cloth diaper, so I thought I’d share my “how”.  I’ve seen a number of other cloth diaper routines and they all vary a little. If you’re interested in my routine, keep reading! 🙂

We use mostly pocket diapers and charcoal liners.


I keep the soiled diapers in this trash bin, lined with a wet bag liner. I usually try to go no more than 2 days without washing diapers, or else things start getting a little.. funky. And stains begin to settle. I always pull the inserts out of the diapers after each use so that they are separated in the bin and don’t have to be touched later.

When I’m ready to start a load of diaper laundry, I pull the wet bag out of the bin, keeping all the diapers contained.

I dump the diapers and inserts straight into the washer, emptying the wet bag. Once all of the diapers fall into the washing machine, I drop the wet bag in as well. No need to touch any of the diapers, inserts or the inside of the wet bag.

Next, I dump a small amount of  original Tide Powder into the washing machine and set the washer to a cold rinse. This is just to loosen up any “yuckies” before I do a hot wash. Some people run their cold rinse with no detergent, but I use a small amount for this step.

After the cold rinse finishes, I use a full scoop of the original Tide Powder and set the washer to a full hot cycle.

Once the hot cycle finishes, I put the liners and the wet bag in the dryer. I hang the diapers on this nifty drying tool. Usually, I do this before bed to allow them to dry overnight, though a few hours is usually enough time. If time is an issue, I go ahead and throw my diapers in the dryer with the liners.
*Drying them in the dryer wears the elastic and the snaps down a little faster than if you hang dry them.

Next, I sort the diapers and liners into separate piles. (My three year old loves to help with this part). I stuff each diaper with a liner. There is no snapping at this point; the liners just slide right in the pocket of the diaper.

Then I snap them to the tightest setting for my itty bitty 17 month old. (You could wait and do this when you are changing your little one). I also snap them closed for easier storage and.. that’s it!

Hopefully you found this helpful! If you are debating cloth diapering, you should totally just take the plunge! If you have any questions, comment below and I’d be happy to help!

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