DIY Window Treatments

Hey everyone! Please excuse my time “off” last week. We finallyyy moved into our new home and had 600 boxes.. (yes, 600 boxes!) of our stuff delivered to us last Wednesday.

Chris’  job had a moving company do all of the heavy lifting and even signed us up for a full unpack, but with 600 boxes, I just couldn’t let them empty everything randomly all over the house. So for four days, we worked HARD to get things unpacked, organized and did LOTS of purging. Somehow we managed to get it all done by Sunday night. Sounds impossible, especially with littles running around, but we did it. We still have some curtains and pictures to hang, but the rest is done. Phew. My body hates me but my mind is at peace with everything in it’s place. My clothes are even hung in rainbow color order. I’m a psycho, I know.

Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few pictures of our new kitchen. We redid the kitchen in only ten days. I really don’t know how we do this stuff. I think Chris and I are both just really determined, a little impulsive and simply make a really good team. I saw the potential in our kitchen from the first time we toured the house and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I’ll have a blog post all about that transformation next week. I could do it now, but we have one more thing coming for the kitchen this week.

There are lots of little details in our kitchen that I love so much. One of them was a really simple little DIY window treatment. I mentioned  in my IG stories a few weeks back that it would probably be a fail, but I think it was a success! It was pretty cheap and only took about 3 minutes to make.

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This little project is so simple that it’s pretty self explanatory, but here’s what I used..

Tension Curtain Rod
–  Curtain Clip Rings
– Dish Towels

Then you just clip the rings evenly across each dish towel and slide them on the curtain rod. My packs of rings came with seven rings each,  but one ring clamp was broken so I just did six on each towel and it was plenty. There you go! Super cute and super easy! And super cheap!!

Dish Towels: Homegoods | “Our Nest” sign: Hobby Lobby | Small Wreath: Homegoods

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