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Faux Leather Skirt + Life Update

Even though it’s warmer in Las Vegas than most of the country right now, it’s still not warm enough to work on my tan. I’m so pale it’s not even funny, so tights have been my best friend on days when I feel like wearing a skirt.

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I’ve been obsessed with this faux leather skirt. It’s outside of my usual taste, but it’s such a fun piece. I love the flirty ruffles and raw hem. It’s been a little chilly here lately, so I paired it with solid black Loft leggings and black boots. I busted out my floppy hat from the fall and threw on my plaid scarf.

On this day, we went flea marketing and my husband told me I was overdressed and looked ridiculous. Rude. Of course it looks ridiculous because most days I throw on my athleisure wear and roll out. Thank goodness the “I’ve got my workout clothes on but I’ve got no plans to work out” trend is in while I have three kids, three and under. #praise

I don’t know how cold the winters get here. I think we’re pretty much experiencing the “worst” now and apparently summer weather hits here around April. Then come June, everyone stays inside the majority of the day — crazy. During the day, I usually don’t need a jacket, but some of the locals here are BUNDLED. I mean Ugg boots, gloves, heavy coats, etc, even during the day. I guess when you experience 110+ degree days during some of the year, this weather is really cold to them. I’m over here like —  hey, no snow to shovel. Yas.


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know we sold our home in Virginia. We are so relieved. We’re in temporary corporate housing, so our time was ticking. This time of year usually isn’t the best for selling a home, so we’re really thankful for such a quick sale. It’s bittersweet knowing another family will be living in the home we loved so much, but it had to happen and now we can move into a home here and FINALLY get settled.

We looked at so, so many homes here. Probably over one hundred online and viewed at least 20 in person. The homes here move quick. There were a few that went into contract just minutes before we got to them for a showing. The really good homes go under contract before they’re even available online. Once we found this out, we had our realtor keep an eye on the homes that were in “coming soon” status, which are only viewable by realtors.

We got lucky and thanks to our realtor and the current homeowners, we were able to view a home on a Friday when it wasn’t even scheduled to be seen until Saturday. Long story short, we loved the house and we put in an offer. Our home in Virginia sold just in time and our offer here was accepted. We move in next month and I cannot wait. Our new house has some really cool features and I can’t wait to make it our home — and get all of our stuff out of storage!


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  • Carly

    Ignore your husband. You look super cute and you can dress up whenever you want. As busy moms our hubby’s should be celebrating when we aren’t in yoga pants, right?!

    Have a great week!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

    • Kristen

      Thank you, Carly! Yes they totally should be celebrating!! haha

    • Kristen Harrison

      Thank you, Carly! I agree. A day without yoga pants is a day worth celebrating! haha

  • Your outfit is super cute! Love how you paired it with the scarf!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Kristen

      Thank you, Jennifer!

    • Kristen Harrison

      Thank you, Jennifer!!