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Frozen Banana Popcicles

Summertime Snack

It’s not officially summer here in Virginia yet, but the weather is telling me otherwise. Next week is supposed to be in the 90’s and everyone knows there’s nothing a pregnant woman likes to do more than chase small children around in the summer heat. Whoop whoop! No worries; we’ll be beating the heat with sprinklers, splash toys and cool treats in the front yard. (We are totally that redneck family in our neighborhood, whatevs).

My 3 year old is crazy for those tall ice pops in the plastic wrapper. It’s a good time until she takes her first bite and then the ice pop “isn’t working” and tears begin annddd.. meltdown. Threenager probz. Plus I don’t thoroughly enjoy pumping my kids with red dye 40 often, especially when I’m home alone with them during the day. #outnumbered

So I figured we could at least incorporate a fruit into our beat-the-heat treat. Bananas — Frozen bananas! Covered in sprinkles and M&M’s.. because kids. (& pregnancy cravings are real).


What you’ll need:
Bananas, popsicle sticks, any kind of yogurt/fruit pack & toppings (we used M&Ms, sprinkles, peanuts & mini chocolate chips)

I also ended up using parchment paper to easily remove frozen bananas and vanilla greek yogurt to combine with the fruit pack mixture.

Let’s do this!

Step one: Cut the bananas in half and insert one popsicle stick into each cut end of the bananas.

Step two: Squeeze out your fruit pack and mix in greek yogurt.
(If you’re a super cool mom, your squeeze pack IS yogurt and you don’t have to mix anything!)

Step three: Coat your bananas completely with the fruit pack/yogurt mixture and place them on a plate. Cover your plate with parchment paper first if you like things in life to be easy.

Step four: Decorate!
(aka: Silently cringe at the site of your toddler dumping all of the toppings into one spot on the bananas)

Step five: Freeze your masterpieces for about 3 hours.
(We froze ours for more like an hour because we just couldn’t wait to get out on the front porch and enjoy them!)




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