Laundry Closet Mini Makeover

This was a smaller, impromptu project of ours. We have been well overdue for a new washer and dryer, so when we finally decided on which ones we wanted to get, I decided a little makeover on our laundry closet was in order.


I’ve never given this area of the house much thought because it’s literally just an upstairs closet. The doors are almost always closed, so who cares what it looks like in there, right? I was happy with my shelf to hold the essentials and I spend as little time around my washer and dryer as possible, anyway.


We recently decided to upgrade. The ones we had came with the house from the previous owners. They’ve worked great, but my sweet husband wanted to get a bigger size so we could fit more clothes at a time for our growing family. We decided to go with LG. They apparently have an app that lets us customize cycles (perfect for cloth diapering). I’ve linked the washer and dryer we decided on, below! Obviously I have no long-term review on them yet, but there are tons of great reviews on Lowe’s site. So far, they are a huge improvement from our last ones. They are really quiet and spacious. I could literally get inside the washer if I wanted to! They even sing a little tune that sounds just like an ice cream truck when they’re done. So much better than the loud buzzer alarm that went off on the old ones.

Before the washer and dryer arrived, we decided to paint the walls. We used the left over paint from our pantry makeover. I linked the paint color over on that post!


I decided to use an empty animal cracker container for my Tide Powder. I used an extra drink dispenser I had to keep the fabric softener in. I love being able to see how low I am getting on these so I can avoid running out. The big bin on the left now houses my iron, starch spray and bigger bottle of Dreft spray.

I found these little bins from Hobby Lobby and used them to organize my smaller items. In the “DRY” bin, I keep dryer sheets. In the “WASH” bin, I keep my smaller bottle of Dreft spray and samples that came with bottles of detergent.

 I found this little bowl at Hobby Lobby, too. I used it for a birthday party theme over a year ago and haven’t touched it since, so I decided to make it a trash bin. I throw in dryer lint and trash from pockets (receipts, gum wrappers, etc).

My handy husband made this mason jar organizer a while back and I thought the laundry closet was a great space for it. I use it when I empty pockets before washing clothes. I keep spare change on the left and things like pens and other random finds from my husband’s pockets on the right.

What kind of organization do you have in your laundry room or closet?

xo Kristen

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