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Letter Board for $12.99!

These letter boards are apparently the thing right now.

I think they are such a cute way to announce a baby’s birth, their milestones, etc. Also, to leave little snarky messages for my husband in the mornings. I’ve been wanting to get one for a few months, but I could not justify spending a minimum of $40 on one. Even Amazon’s prices were letting me down on this one. I decided to wait and maybe start looking again sometime before our baby arrives in October, because I love to document all the things, and maybe by then they wouldn’t be so expensive.

The other night I was scrolling the entire internet, per usual. I found myself on Target‘s website and low and behold, there were letter boards! And only 12.99! Say WHAT?! I know I sound like a nut job, but seriously, if you’ve ever shopped for one of these things, I know you feel me. They have 3 color options that I have seen so far: a black background, a white background & a grey background. I decided to get the gray one since it was more original in my opinion, but I may be going back for a classic black background one, too.

It came with a ton of letters and I’m already having so much fun coming up with little messages for it!

Target Letter Board

Have a great weekend, everyone!
xo Kristen

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  • Kallie Flexman

    Oh this letter board is such a great one. I also think the shape is a little more unique than the traditional rectangle one and I agree the grey was a great choice!

    • Kristen

      Thanks, Kallie! I like how the shape is a little different, too. It’s perfect for the kitchen counter!

  • So cute!! I swear Target is the. best. I would totally leave snarky messages to my husband too, haha!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    • Kristen

      Thanks girl! Target always comes through!