Nordstrom Lush Dress

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was my 25 week prenatal appointment and I didn’t even remember I had an appointment until a few hours before I had to be there. A little bit of ‘mom brain’ causing me to forget and a little bit of ‘mom instinct’ telling me I should check my office’s online portal, because I knew an appointment had to be soon. I have to say I have never been so scatterbrained or forgetful in my life, until now. Sure, there are some very organized aspects of my life, but there is an equal amount of chaos. Becoming a mother has definitely taught me to just let some things go. Usually that means my hair, face, remembering doctor appointments.. the list goes on. Luckily I didn’t miss this appointment (I have missed one this pregnancy — so embarrassing!) Anyway, my husband kept the girls while I went to my appointment, which felt more like a vacation without kids. This mama went full on glam to her prenatal appointment. Lipstick and all. #ISLAY #SomeDays

I was starving after my appointment so I grabbed a late, solo lunch. When I paid for my food, the girl working said to me, “Oh I love your lipstick.. and your hair and earrings and outfit!” Thanks, boo. Making a preggo girl’s day. I confessed to her that half of my days are spent bumming it with my kids, splashing around in baby pools in the front yard. If it wasn’t for my husband’s help, I would never have time for myself. He gets the whole “happy wife, happy life” thing. But don’t get it twisted, he does what he wants, too. That explains why there is a car that looks like the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang taking up most of our garage. That’s another story for another day.

So I finally hopped on the bandwagon and applied for a Nordstrom card so I could get early access to the Anniversary Sale. While I was in the store, I found this Lush dress for $20. Hello! Thank you Nordstrom. It’s not maternity, but it fits over this bump for now and obviously wearable after this pregnancy, so another win for me. I believe it’s sold out, but I’ll link a similar one down below. Y’all, I refuse to succumb to a maternity only wardrobe. I’m sure my husband thinks I look ridiculous squeezing into an XS dress. Just let me live, hubs! Just love me. I also picked up this cardigan from H&M. I should probably go back and get all of the other colors, too. I like these fine knit cardigans for cooler summer nights and transitioning into fall. Lord knows with this heat wave we are stuck in, we’ve got a while before those kinds of nights come around. So for now I’ll be wearing it to cover my pale arms and sweating to death.

I’ve also really been loving these Steve Madden wedges. This mama needs cute comfort and these are it. They are super easy to walk in and so comfy, even for my disproportional, preggo body. I’m really happy with my plain jane decision with taupe because they are neutral and flow easily with my crazy wardrobe. Random, but I thought pregnant women’s feet grew while they’re pregnant. Mine have stayed the same during my last two pregnancies, but this time they actually shrunk! I’m so serious. I’ve always worn size 7.5 and now I’m swimming in 7’s. So weird. I recently purged my closet and donated so many shoes because they were just way too big. Let’s hope my feet don’t grow back after this baby arrives, because if so, I’ll be digging through Goodwill and Salvation Army looking for my old heels. Pregnant and all.

This is my face when I realize today is Amazon Prime day and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in 2 days! It really is Christmas in July! I have a few fall staple pieces I want to try to stock up on, but I have to remember that whole self-control thing. I have made an action plan and I’m sticking to it. We’ll see what happens!


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