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Off The Shoulder Stripes and Ties

This is my first summer pregnancy (and probably my last pregnancy, ever.. maybe)

So I’ve been super picky about buying maternity clothes because I know I’ll be wearing them for only one season. I’ve been putting off switching over to maternity clothes this time, but this bump is growing more each day, so it’s time to find some comfy options. This past week I’ve been shopping in stores and online for some staple pieces. I’ve got a few dresses on the way from Asos, so hopefully I will love those and be able to share them with you all. I’ve looked on Pink Blush Maternity, too, but almost everything I loved was sold out in my size. I’ll be sure to keep checking their site though because they have the cutest clothes.

When it comes to clothes shopping in stores, I really like finding unique pieces for a good price. Something about hunting for a good deal and a one of a kind piece is so fun for me. I usually stop by Marshalls or TJMaxx, but I recently hit up Burlington to see what their maternity section was like. I’ve looked twice in there now and it seems to be hit or miss. The first time I went, I found some basic black and white maternity shirts and a few pairs of maternity shorts. The second time I went, the section was picked over and pretty depressing. My husband had our girls that day, though, so I had the whole morning to shop kid free. I was determined to find some new clothes y’all. I headed over to the women’s section, where I honestly felt a little silly looking for larger, flowy tops to fit this preggo belly. I’m sure people were wondering if I was lost. I think I was.

I ended up finding this striped off the shoulder tie sleeve top. It’s lightweight, but not sheer — win. It’s a little big on me, which is great since it may shrink a little and this belly may definitely grow a little. I had also been on the hunt for white maternity jeans with no luck on that either. Maternity shopping is hard. I found these white stretchy jeggings in the juniors department at Burlington. I actually love that they don’t have the extra material that goes over the belly because it’s been an extremely hot June for us. (2 more months of 100 degree weather, I can do this!?) The pants are stretchy and super comfortable. Another win in my book. So that’s TWO non-maternity things I can wear after this pregnancy. Yay!

I picked up these white Sugarfix earrings from Target the same day I had my Burlington adventure. I love the Sugarfix line of jewelry. Tassels & bright colors galore. Heaven. I found these sunglasses last week at my local Francesca’s. They’re a little obnoxious but.. life is short.

I was going to take these pictures with a small bag, but this is real life. I am never seen without my Kate Spade baby bag; it’s been so good to me. I’ve had it since my three year old was less than a year old and it’s still holding up great. I went through a few diaper bags before this one stuck. It’s really spacious and the shape is perfect in my opinion. I don’t have to dig to find things like I did in other styles I’ve tried. They discontinued this pattern, but you can find it online for about 1/4 the price of the newer colors.

I’ve had these nude flats for forever and a day. They are my ol’ faithfuls, for sure. They’re pretty scuffed and worn, but they are neutral and comfortable, so they are my go-to’s.

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  • That top is the cutest! Love the ties on the sleeves!

    Doused In Pink

    • Kristen

      Thank you so much, Jill!

  • Off shoulder is definitely THE hottest trend of the season! Looks amazing on you and your bump!!

    Jessica |

    • Kristen

      Thank you so much, Jessica!

  • ADA

    Hi Kristen, I am Ada. So glad I found your blog and will follow you on your social media too. I love finding other stylish moms especially girl moms since I too have a little girl. You are such a cute pregnant mommy and congrats on that baby boy coming soon. Love this chic look and perfect for the 4th of July outfit, as well. =)

    Welcome by my blog too dear Kristen. Also I run a linkup so stop by on Thursday this week and every Thursday and join my style linkup with me. =)) Happy 4th of July!!

    Ada =)