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In a perfect world, my entire house would be completely organized, with everything labeled and put away neatly in it’s place. But the reality is, not every single thing in my house has a “home”. I secretly love my little kitchen junk drawer. It’s my catch-all and it gives me sanity to be able to toss little things in there when I’m clearing counters, etc. It drives my husband nuts, but I can’t help it. I need that little place of chaos. Slowly but surely, I am getting my house more and more organized and using little tricks that make my life a little easier.

1. To Do List Frame

I’m all about writing down my to-do’s. I know there are ways to store these lists in my phone, but it’s just not as effective for me as it is when I actually write it down. Instead of wasting paper every morning when I jot down my daily to-do’s, I decided to make a little dry erase frame. I picked out a sheet of scrapbooking paper from Hobby Lobby and found an old frame I wasn’t using. Now I have my list right on the kitchen counter. Having it out and displayed keeps me from ignoring or forgetting the things I wrote down.

2. Roll Shirts

T-shirts. Why are there so many of them?? Between my husband and I, there are probably 100. While we totally need to go through them and just let go of most, I do have a way to fit them in the dresser drawer. If there’s a will, there’s a way! By rolling them, I can fit a ton of them in the drawer. It’s also so much easier to see them all this way, too.

3. Hot Glue Grip on Hangers

This one can work on pretty wooden clothes hangers, too. One day I’ll upgrade to nicer hangers, but until I fully adopt the whole minimalism lifestyle, my huge wardrobe will be hanging from these plastic bad boys. One thing I hate is when one sleeve (or the whole shirt!) slips off the hanger. It drives me crazy. So I hot glued little squiggly lines on some of my hangers to prevent my clothes from slipping. It works great!

4. Ice Cube Tray for Jewelry Storage

So this jewelry storage isn’t the prettiest display, but instead of keeping my most worn items mixed in my full jewelry box, I like to keep this tray stored in my top drawer in my bathroom. This way, these items don’t get tangled up with others and I can easily just grab what I want and go. I got this ice cube tray at the dollar store.
Ice cube trays for my ice 😉 See what I did there? Ignore me.

5. Refrigerator Storage Bins

My last organization tip for today are these little storage bins for the refrigerator. These were a game changer for my fridge. It’s so easy to slide the bins out and grab what I need without fumbling around other items and knocking things over. You can find these everywhere. Target, Homegoods, Amazon, etc.

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  • You’re wayyy more organized than me! I’m pretty sure the hot glue squiggles are genius!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    • Kristen Harrison

      Girl, no way but I’m slowly trying to get my life together, haha!