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Our Nighttime Routine with Scentsy

Our nighttime routine is pretty basic, but I’ve found that sticking to the same routine every night is really beneficial in keeping everyone well-rested and happy. Today I wanted to invite you into our home and share with you what our nighttime routine looks like.

This post is sponsored by Scentsy and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

While I’m making dinner in the evenings, the kids are usually playing together destroying the house. Once dinner is almost ready, I have them clean up their toys before heading to the dinner table. This ritual is usually accompanied by “The Clean Up Song” for motivation and a little help from mama. Once the house looks somewhat put back together, they wash their hands and we all head to the table for dinner. We make it a point for us to all sit down at the table together when we can. My husband’s current schedule doesn’t always allow for it, but we do it as often as possible. It’s a great time for us to talk about our day and what’s on our minds (annddd fight the toddlers to eat their veggies).

After dinner, I take the girls up for a bath. I let them pick out a bath bomb or a color tablet, or both when we’re feeling wild. They loveee to request colors that don’t come in the container, so we have fun mixing different colors. They play together and use bath crayons to draw pictures all over my tub (thanks, girls). I use the Pandora app on my phone and we jam out to our favorite Disney songs — they love it.

Jammy Time
After their bath, it’s time for pajamas, teeth and hair brushing and a little play time before bed. My oldest has quite the collection of stuffed animals, toys and books in her room, so that’s usually where the girls want to hang out. While they’re playing, I turn on their ice cream cone Scentsy warmer every night. We’ve been warming the scent ‘Jammy Time‘ lately and we love it! It’s the perfect blend of baby freesia, lavender and sweet pea. So soothing!
The girls play for a little while before we clean up their toys and pick out a few books each. They like to “read to us” first before we read to them. After one too many bedtime stories, they each get in their beds and usually go right to sleep. With the amazing smells coming from that ice cream themed bedroom, I kind of want to crawl into bed, too!

I like to spend a little time each night pampering myself. Lately I’ve enjoyed taking a Lush bath, using face masks, consistently doing my skincare routine and whitening my teeth. I also like to start a load of laundry after the kids are in bed. (Did you know you save on your energy bill by using your appliances at night? I made a post not too long ago, mentioning this tip along with a few others, for keeping your home clean. It’s definitely worth checking out!)
Anyway, back to my nightly laundry routine. I’ve been trying out these new Scentsy Washer Whiffs and oh my gosh — they’re a game changer! I just add in a scoop before I start my washer. Heavenly. There is just something about fresh, warm, amazing smelling laundry and these washer whiffs are doing it for me, y’all. Obsessed.

You know you’re an adult when having your home and laundry smell amazing is at the top of your priorities. Scentsy has such an amazing line of products that help me do just that.

Trust me when I say, you WANT to get in on these amazing products! My friend, Ashton Luciano, is hosting a Scentsy Fall party that runs until the end of September! There are brand new warmers, scents, laundry products and even a new body line!

Scentsy’s products lines include on-the-go fragrances, laundry care, inventive cleaning solutions and luxurious personal care products for women, men and kids — all infused with exclusive Scentsy fragrance. There is literally something for everyone!

If you don’t make it in time to purchase through her current fall party, no worries! You can always shop her website here!

Have you tried Scentsy before? Do you love it? What are your favorite scents to warm?

xo Kristen

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