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Prepping for Preschool

I thought I had so much more time before we got to preschool days. I remember when my 3 year old was a squishy little newborn and some of my friends’ older kids were starting Pre-K. I was so relieved because I really thought I had all the time in the world before having to face my first born starting school. Well.. here we are.

Less than 9 weeks until I have to drop my biggest girl off at school three days a week. As sad as I am, I know it will be so good for her. She is going to love it and do great things! Even though there is still quite a bit of summer left, I thought it would be a good idea to start preparing my little miss for her big transition. Here are some of the things we’re doing for her preschool prep!

#1. Talking & Reading Books About It

I got this book, Maisy goes to Preschool, on amazon. There are a few different preschool books on there, but this was the only one I saw that didn’t talk about being scared of preschool. It’s very positive and highlights all the fun things she will do each day. I don’t see any reason to bring up being scared, nom sayin?

#2. Pick Out A Backpack And Lunchbox

I like to think finding a backpack and lunchbox that she is excited about will help her get excited to use them for school. She has been asking me to pack her lunch in her lunch box for school almost everyday, so I think we accomplished our goal on this one.

#3. Practice Daily Activities

Well, when I took this picture, I realized I’m creating a complete monster out of this kid — so much sass. Anyway, we have been showing her that when she gets to school, she will have her own space to hang her backpack and jacket. We practice how to unzip her backpack and lunch box by herself. We’ve also been practicing sitting down in “criss-cross applesauce” and when to be quiet and listen.

#4. Visit The School

The preschool she will be attending let us come in and spend the morning with the current class. They showed her where she will hang her belongings, let her participate in learning games and had her rotate through the different activity stations. I think this really helped introduce her to the school and teachers, and will hopefully make her first day a little smoother.

We also visit her school’s playground to get her accustomed to that, too. Although, I’m sure she will have no issues adjusting to it. I know it will be her favorite part of the day.

#5. Workbooks & Flash Cards

I keep a bin of workbooks, flashcards and learning games in the playroom at home. We try to do these everyday so she has a good idea of what she will be seeing at school. She really likes the workbooks with the dry erase marker and the flashcards. I found most of these items in the dollar spot at Target.

#6. Establishing A Solid Night Time Routine

Our girl is a night owl, so recently we’ve been trying extra hard to get her to bed at a good time that will also work well with her school schedule. Once it gets closer to her first day of school, we’ll let her pick out her lunch and lay out clothes the night before.

I think a lot of this “preschool prep” is for mama. I’m taking it much harder than I think she will. I’m over here like, “It’s only half days.. and it’s not kindergarten, at least. We have two years before that starts.” (cue crying, anyway)

xo Kristen

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  • Awww I remember when my first went to pre school. The first day she cried but then it got easier once she learned the routines. My little one is going to start in the Fall and we will see how that goes with her!

    • Aww I really hope mine doesn’t cry. It will be too much for me! 🙁