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Seven Magic Mountains + Madewell Fleet Jacket

This past weekend we visited the Seven Magic Mountains in southern Nevada. (Thank you, Lauren!) I told Chris I think we’ve done more in the last week than we have in the last six months. There is so much to do in Las Vegas and Chris’ new schedule allows for way more family time. The girls and I are loving having Chris home so much more!

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We’re in temporary housing, so I had to pack light. Living a somewhat minimalist lifestyle wasn’t so bad at first, but after the first week went by, I started having withdrawals and started missing so many of my clothes and shoes, which are sitting in a storage unit somewhere with the rest of our stuff. When I packed my bags for our temporary stay, which could be anywhere from a month to four months, I had to think about items that would be easy to pair with one another. Cardigans, jackets, basic tops and few leggings and jeans have been my go-to’s. I think my most worn clothing item lately is this Madewell Fleet Jacket. It’s perfect for layering and has been my BFF since moving here. Las Vegas weather is funny this time of year. It’ll be 75 degrees or more during the day but down in the 50’s, which feels like 30, at night. Because of this, layering is a must. This particular day was pretty chilly, so I bundled the kids and we headed out in the desert to the “rainbow rocks”.

Peep my kiddos in the corner. I was going to crop them out but thought it was an accurate portrayal of how we enjoyed our time at these magic mountains. This is the face you make when you drive out to the desert to show your kids such a cool site and they prefer to play in the dirt and rocks instead. Go figure. While everyone else is taking selfies and family pictures, our cool little family was off to the side doing a photo shoot and playing in the dirt. Ayva even found some broken glass in the dirt. Grrreeeaattt.

It was pretty crowded there that day so any hopes for a people-less picture was out the window, but I am thinking about going back at sunset one day and snapping some pictures. The Seven Magic Mountains are only on display until this Spring, so we will definitely be back to see them again soon. You know, to play in the dirt and stuff.


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  • I love that jacket! I’ve always wanted to go to Seven Magic Mountains!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Kristen Harrison

      Thank you, Jennifer! It was so cool!