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Shein Embroidered Yoke Blouse

I don’t know what it is about graffiti walls, but if you read my post about the Container Park in downtown Las Vegas, you already know I’m geeking out over the ones I’ve seen here. This one in today’s post is by far, my favorite! It’s fun and bright, a lot like the shirt I had on that day.

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Shein Embroidered Yoke Blouse

I’ve had this top for a few months now and had tucked it back away in my closet in Virginia for the colder seasons. Since moving to Las Vegas, I’ve had to bring some of my early summer outfits back out since it’s in the high 70’s here daily. High 70’s mid November — so weird! It’s got me a little a lot worried about these super hot summers everyone around here is warning me about. Oh well, we will cross that bridge when it gets here. For now I’m enjoying the pleasant weather we’re having.

So this top came with little colorful pom balls on the end of the strings that hang from the collar, but it was looking a little too extra for me, so I cut them off and tied a knot at each end. Sometimes you just have to do your own little DIY alterations to your clothes. I’m basically a seamstress at this point, y’all. Snip, snip!

Life Update

We went house hunting the other night after Chris got home from work. We met up with a really nice realtor at a house we saw online. It was in the most perfect master-planned community and on the cutest street with so many gorgeous homes. I’m in love with the whole area but trying not to get my hopes up since we still need to sell our home in Virginia first.

Connor turned one month old yesterday. I was going to take his monthly photo but he slept like 95% of the day, so maybe we’ll get that photo done today. If I it gets done in the next week, I’m considering it a win. Third kid problems.

Our vehicles are supposed to be arriving today after making their way across the country. The towing company said it would be Monday or Tuesday.. then changed it to Wednesday.. now Thursday morning. Fingers crossed they come today because we’ve been using a rental vehicle. Chris has been using it to drive to work, though, so the kids and I have been going a little crazy in our townhouse the past 3 days. I’m not sure if I’m even brave enough to venture out alone with all three kids in a new city, but knowing my car is here and I have the option would probably make me feel 100 times better. Know what I mean??


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  • I’m jealous of those temps right about now, its straight cold here! Hope you’re back in your car soon, I would love having that little piece of home!

    • Kristen Harrison

      Thanks, Brooke! Got the car back, still missing home so much!

  • Cute details on your striped blouse dear. Lovely background too.

    Jessica |

    • Kristen Harrison

      Thank you so much, Jessica!