Our Summer Car Kit & Lovely Link-Up

It’s the first day of summer! Time for pools, waterparks, cook outs, ice cream outings and all things FUN! With two kids 3 and under, plus my pregnant mom brain, I like to be prepared as possible.

Somehow my husband can walk out of the house with the kids and absolutely nothing else in hand and swears he can make it through errands just fine. I tell him how crazy he is and he grabs a diaper and slips it into his pocket and leaves. Insanity. Not me. I have a big diaper bag full of snacks, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, diaper creams, extra onesies, entertainment for the kids, etc.. and then of course all of my personal things. I can’t imagine being any other way. When things get real (hungry kids, meltdowns, blowouts) my preparedness sure comes in handy whether my husband wants to admit it or not.

Instead of trying to fit all of our necessities into the diaper bag, I like to keep a bin with bigger items in the car. Our car kit has saved me many times while we’ve been out. I like to update it throughout the year to better fit the season we’re in. I just grabbed a bin from the dollar store and updated ours the other day. Here’s what I currently have in our summer car kit!

Wet bag
Change of clothes for the girls
Bathing suits
3 swim diapers
3  regular diapers
Baby Wipes
Plastic grocery bags
Spare sunglasses
Anti-bacterial wipes
Spare plastic utensils
Bandaids + Neosporin

It looks like a ton of stuff when it’s all laid out, but I managed to get it all organized nicely into my bin.

I went ahead and opened the empty wet bag and put in the clothes, bathing suits and empty plastic grocery bags.

I had this empty cashew container (I tend to hoard containers) so I put all of the smaller items inside so they don’t get lost in the bottom of the bin.

Then I just slid everything into the bin and.. DONE!

Crazy prepared or just a crazy mom? Haha, probably a little of both!

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