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At Home Professional Teeth Whitening

If you know me even just a little, you know I’m a huge fan of coffee. Most days, it’s the only thing that keeps me up to speed with two littles in the house. Unfortunately, with drinking coffee almost daily, comes coffee stains on my teeth. Of course I want a pearly white smile, but I cannot give up my love for coffee. The struggle is real.

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I’ve always wanted to get my teeth professionally whitened at my dentist’s office, but with a price tag of at least $500, I’ve never been able to justify it. Add a few kids into the equation, and I’m left wondering, “When do I even have time to go do that?!” I don’t. The best solution I have come up with so far is using drugstore white strips at home. They do a decent job, but aren’t very strong and it takes a lot of applications to notice a difference. They also really irritate my gums and have even turned my gums white! Yikes and ouch!

When Smile Brilliant contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out their product, I was pumped to try a new method for whitening my teeth. Mine weren’t terribly bad since I use whitening strips here and there, but I was excited to try out their professional system and see if I could get my teeth even whiter. I was impressed before I even got my kit. Why? Well first of all, their whitening kits are under $200! That’s less than half of the price at my dentist’s office. Another reason why: It’s an at home whitening kit. Perfect for moms like me who rarely get kid-free days. It’s also great for those who work outside the home because you don’t have to schedule a day off to visit your dentist for a whitening treatment. Hello!? Even more money saved.

I was also super impressed with the fact that Smile Brilliant‘s kit allowed for me to create my own personal whitening trays. The kit came with everything I needed to create molds of my teeth. Making the tray molds only took a few minutes and once I was done, there was a pre made envelope for me to send out my trays in. I simply put them in the mail and within about a week, my very own personal whitening trays arrived in my mailbox. Now it was time to get whiter teeth!

The kit came with multiple syringes with ‘Teeth Whitening Gel‘ and ‘Desensitizing Gel‘. Each syringe had enough gel for 3 applications each, so that gave me about 12 treatments total. Before I was even halfway through my 12 treatments, my teeth were whiter. My favorite part? I never once felt any sensitivity from the gel. It’s recommended to apply vaseline or coconut oil on your gums before each treatment, but I never even had to do that. I was honestly really shocked since this is a professional teeth whitening product that even comes with a desensitizing gel to use after each treatment. I personally didn’t need to follow up with desensitizing gel.

Professionally whitening my teeth at home was so convenient. I just popped in my trays and went about my day as usual. It didn’t interfere with any of my usual to-do’s. I did my hair and make-up, cleaned the house, meal planned.. all while professionally whitening my teeth. I did laundry, made dinner, blogged.. I even whitened my teeth while taking my oldest to preschool drop off.. all with my trays in. It was so convenient for my lifestyle.

So the question is.. does it work?? I’ll let you see for yourself. Here are my results:

I’m so pleased with my results and also super happy I have something on my side to help me combat those coffee stains. This is definitely a product I will continue to use and recommend to my family and friends, too. If you have any questions about this product, I am more than happy to answer them for you.


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xo Kristen

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