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Why I Cloth Diaper

4 Reasons Why I Cloth Diaper

I was set on a lot of things when I was pregnant with my first, but cloth diapering was never something I thought much about doing. I had about 3 million other things to worry about.

Can I keep a baby alive??
Will I know what to do??

Am I even responsible enough to have children?? — I still ask myself this all the time!

Then time went on and my confidence grew. For me personally, around the 1 year mark was when I felt like I finally got the hang of parenting. Just the 1 year appointment itself was like receiving a medal. Those last words from our pediatrician before we left, “Well, great job mom. See you in a few months!” came across more like, “You did it! You’ve kept this kid alive for a whole year! We believe in you!” Apparently, it also gave me the go ahead (twice) to have more kids and that’s how we’re ending up with three, three and under. (help!)

I got the idea of cloth diapering from a Facebook mom group. Darn those mom groups. They’ll put ideas in your head that you never would have thought of yourself. They’ve had me questioning every bite of food my kids have ever eaten and don’t even get me started on breastfeeding. Anyway, I saw how cute the babies looked in cloth diapers and started wondering what the cloth diaper world was all about. Sure, they’re cute.. but what about the poop? Where does it go? Yikes!

After lots of research and a few eye rolls from my husband when I presented the idea to him, I went for it. And I’m here to tell you it’s not as hard as it seems. The first step was learning all of the lingo: AIO, AI2, prefolds, pocket diapers, Charcoal Bamboo inserts, ‘sposies, double gussets, FSTs, hybrids, liners, pail liners, wet bags.. the list goes on. Don’t let those words intimidate you if you’re considering cloth; half of those words don’t even apply to my diaper routine. (that’s another post for another time). I went with pocket diapers and it’s honestly been a breeze. I still use disposables at night and often when we go out. It’s ok to not be all in with cloth. Every time you use a cloth over disposable, you’re saving in more ways than one. I’ve found many pros to cloth and here are a few main ones:

1. Saves Money

The initial cost of cloth diapering is more expensive than a case of diapers, but the savings from using cloth doesn’t take long to add up. The cost of cloth from birth to about age 2.5 is in the hundreds, while the cost of disposables for that length of time is in the $$$ thousands! I have almost 50 cloth diapers in my stash (WAY more than enough, I just have no self control) and I’ve used them through 2 kids, so the savings add up even more. There are even BST groups for cloth diapers. Surprisingly, they have a great resale value.

2. Environment

The number of disposable diapers going in landfills is insane. Something like 27 billion a year in the US. And all the plastic, chemicals, packaging, trash bags, vehicles transporting diapers, and all the waste that is left in the diapers just sitting at landfills. (did you know you’re supposed to dump that into the toilet, not wrap it up in the diaper and toss it in the trash? Oops!) Cloth diapers win this contest, hands down.

3. Bye-bye Blowouts

I’ve never had a blowout experience while using cloth. The elastic in the back and form fitting snaps on cloth diapers keep everything tight and snug. Before cloth diapering, I didn’t know they would prevent these explosions, but it’s just another reason I prefer them over disposables.

4. They’re cute!

The real reason cloth diapers caught my eye. There are so many prints and colors. I’m obsessed. For a while there in the beginning, my self control was out the window and I had diapers coming in the mail every day for a week. (I’m still not sure why there’s not an option for the mail man to only leave packages if my husband’s vehicle isn’t home — Help a girl out, here!) I have stuck with pretty cheap brands. The majority of my diapers are AlvaBaby. They work for me and at the end of the day, your kid is pooping in it. I don’t want any emotional attachment to these diapers. There are brands that have diapers for about $50 a piece. That’s fine if that’s your thing, but me.. no thanks. I’ll stick to my $5 diaper.

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  • These are all such great reasons to use cloth diapers. I don’t think enough people know about the benefits!


    • I agree, Annessa! There are so many benefits, some you don’t even know about until you start using them! xoxo


  • I didn’t know you cloth diapered!! I also thought about doing it and then was really overwhelmed by it, but they are so cute! My sister-in-law just started using cloth and loves it. I’m hoping Linc will potty train soon and I can just be done with diapers!!! Ha, well see!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    • It was very overwhelming in the beginning but now that it’s the norm, it’s nothing. You’re so lucky you’re almost done with diapers altogether!


  • I went back and forth on cloth diapering before having Serena last year. I’m all for the benefits on the environment and of course the wallet. Look at all those cute options <3

    Green Fashionista

    • Kristen

      I feel the same way, Kate! I went back and forth a lot, too. To be honest, it was the cute prints that got me hooked!